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See Sennacherib’s biblical invasion of Judah in the British Museum

The Bible describes Sennacherib’s invasion of Hezekiah’s Judah in three different books. Sennacherib dedicated a central room in his palace to this same event. Clearly, it made an impression all around. All three biblical accounts describe Sennacherib’s army coming to Jerusalem … Continue reading

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Temple from Hezekiah’s Time Found at Lachish (Photos and Video)

Archaeologists announced the discovery at Tel Lachish of an ancient Judahite shrine dating to around the time of King Hezekiah. The shrine had been desecrated, which may relate to biblical accounts of Hezekiah’s religious purge against idols and “high places.” These … Continue reading

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Archaeology: an Ancient Destruction Layer at Lachish

One of the most exciting things to find on an archaeological dig is a destruction layer. A city level destroyed by fire tends to produce rich finds. Valuable things are trapped under ash and debris just waiting to be found. … Continue reading

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That’s not a sling stone… THIS is a sling stone

Excavated a couple of days ago at Khirbet Qeiyafa… This is one of several sling stones excavated this year at Qeiyafa. Update: I should clarify that this was not David’s actual stone, nor was his stone likely to have been … Continue reading

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