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“Spectacular” ancient shipwreck discovered at Caesarea’s harbor

A shipwreck with bronze statues, thousands of coins, and other finds has been discovered at ancient Caesarea Maritima, the same harbor used by the Apostle Paul. The Israel Antiquities Authority calls this the largest underwater discovery in 30 years. The wreck dates … Continue reading

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Mysterious stone structure discovered underneath Sea of Galilee

This one is no April Fool’s joke. A basalt-boulder structure, wider and taller than Stonehenge, sits under the water near the SW coast of the lake. The structure was discovered in 2003 during a sonar survey. The structure consists of … Continue reading

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Teenage Brit Tourist Discovers Lost City Under the Sea

I have mentioned an urban legend that the most important archaeological discoveries are a result of sheer chance. How about this latest example? Michael Le Quesne, 16, was swimming off a popular beach in Montenegro with his parents and his ten-year-old … Continue reading

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