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Register for the 1st International Conference on Biblical Archaeology Online (in English, Español y Portuguesa)

If you’ve wanted to attend an overseas biblical archaeology conference but never have the time and/or money, Hebrew University and the Moriah Center are bringing this year’s International Conference on Biblical Archaeology online to you. For a reasonable registration fee … Continue reading

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Archaeologists restore floor tiles from 2nd Jerusalem Temple

What did people see beneath their feet when walking on the Temple Mount 2,000 years ago? What surface did people stand on during events such as the Passover, or when listening to a favorite rabbi’s discourse? The Temple Mount today is mostly … Continue reading

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Report: New Finds from 1st & 2nd Temple Periods on Slope of Temple Mount

An upcoming report details new finds from as far back as the 10th-9th centuries B.C. in a salvage excavation on the eastern slope of the Temple Mount. Workers uncovered these pits along the Kidron Valley in 2009 and turned the … Continue reading

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