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Jesus Tomb Update: Original stone uncovered beneath two marble slabs

Continuing my previous post, National Geographic has photos, a short video, and an excellent article on the renovation of Jesus’ Tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. It avoids sensationalism and takes a fairly objective view of the location. A couple of … Continue reading

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Progress in a Dig Square: What Are These Stones?

We have a small mystery in our dig square. Want to track it with us as we uncover the details? After some work at leveling this part of the slope, this is what we had. There are a few revealed … Continue reading

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2015 Season at Lachish Begins

The new archaeological season has begun at the biblical Lachish, the second city of the Kingdom of Judah. Lachish played roles in geopolitics, conspiracy, assassination, and was a key objective for multiple invaders. We began our season on Sunday afternoon … Continue reading

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