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Video: All About Region of Samaria in 15 Minutes

The Satellite Bible Atlas web site has a series of short videos that illuminate Bible places. Today features one that illuminates the region of Samaria. I watched it and cannot recommend it highly enough. It is more than worth the … Continue reading

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“Before Jerusalem There Was Shiloh”

The Jerusalem Post runs a column by Wayne Stiles on biblical sites in Israel. This week features Shiloh, the first place where God’s Presence resided in Canaan. Shiloh should be more famous among Christians than it actually is. Joshua divided … Continue reading

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What was Israel’s ‘Capital’ Before the Monarchy?

Quick… off the top of your head, name 5 of the most important biblical cities. No doubt Jerusalem is on your list? Go ahead and stretch it to 10 important biblical cities. Perhaps your list has cities such as Bethlehem … Continue reading

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