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Ben Gurion airport exhibition includes Qeiyafa ostracon

Air passengers in Israel will now walk by an exhibition that includes what may be the oldest existing Hebrew inscription, the Khirbet Qeiyafa ostracon. A year-long exhibit on Science in Israel has opened at Ben Gurion airport (TLV) in Tel Aviv. This … Continue reading

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Paul’s Missionary Tube Map

If Paul had taken the tube instead of the Roman roads/ships: Kudos to the commenter “hubbit” who advises one to “mind the agape.” * Reblogged from theologygrams

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Items and Bits

To catch up a bit: Some scientists believe Earth exists in a unique ‘bubble’ of space-time.  This cannot be observed, but they believe it is the best explanation for certain phenomena that otherwise lack explanation.  It is interesting that scientists … Continue reading

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