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New Archaeology Documentary on Lachish Dig (It’s free)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a new documentary video on the recent archaeological expedition to biblical Lachish. This video shares perspectives from both directors and volunteers who worked on the dig, and shows some new discoveries that are … Continue reading

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New Video on Lachish Excavation

If you are interested in Archaeology and the Bible, and especially if you’re curious what it’s like to join a dig, a new video is available for your enjoyment. The video covers recent work at biblical Lachish and was created … Continue reading

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Tests Indicate Underground Shaft at Tel Lachish; Possible Water System

Results from last week’s geophysical survey at Tel Lachish show what appears to be an underground shaft at the site. The survey team and the excavators at Lachish believe the shaft is likely part of an ancient water system similar … Continue reading

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Why a Fourth archaeological expedition to Lachish?

Why undertake a fourth archaeological expedition at Tel Lachish? This is a good question since this site has been previously excavated over a number years, most recently in 1994. What does our new expedition hope to achieve? Tel Lachish has … Continue reading

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