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Road from ancient Madaba map uncovered in Jerusalem

Workers upgrading the infrastructure in Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate have uncovered an A.D. 6th century road that is displayed on the ancient Madaba Map. The Madaba Map is a large mosaic reproduction of Palestine and Egypt that was created around the … Continue reading

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“Book and Spade” Radio Program on Khirbet Qeiyafa

The Book and the Spade is a weekly radio program/podcast on Biblical Archaeology. It has been hosted by Gordon Govier for 26 years – quite a bit of staying power. Each weekly program is around 12 or 13 minutes in … Continue reading

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Ancient Footsteps (Literally)

Workers have discovered footprints and sandal prints from the workers who prepared a stunning Roman-era mosaic in ancient Palestine. The 1,700 year old mosaic, which is one of the largest and most magnificent ever seen in Israel, was exposed in … Continue reading

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