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Ancient Inscription Meets High Tech

Jim Davila at PaleoJudaica posted an item on the imaging technology that was recently used to recover lost parts of the Khirbet Qeiyafa inscription.  His post is here and contains a link to the full article. No word yet on … Continue reading

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This Blog is Approved for General Audiences

  “No bad words were found.” Thank goodness.

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Reflections on Spain after returning home

We arrived in Tampa last night and made it to our homes. I would have posted last night, but my wife and kids (for some reason) took pretty much all of my time. It was a very good trip by … Continue reading

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Worship in London

We worshiped with the King’s Cross Church of Christ in London today. Thanks to their web site we found their meeting place without any trouble. David Cambridge is the evangelist for the congregation.  He and the brethren were very kind … Continue reading

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Going back via the British Museum

We are in London this Sunday morning, our first stop on the way back to the U.S.  We are leaving our hotel in a few minutes to worship with a group of Christians here. Tomorrow we will spend a large … Continue reading

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Mythbusting Moses

Todd Bolen has posted on a subject I was looking into just a couple of weeks ago. I became curious that I could find no biblical reference to the Rope Around the High Priest’s Ankle.

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Israel (in GA) On My Mind

The Nov/Dec issue of Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) features a relatively-new “theme park” – the Explorations in Antiquity Center – in LaGrange, GA.  This is about one hour SW of Atlanta on I-85. The center, which opened in July 2006, … Continue reading

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King Solomon’s Mines? (not the movie)

New discoveries in an ancient copper mine have lead researchers to speculate it could have supplied Solomon (and other Iron Age kings) with this key ingredient of bronze. The Bible states Solomon required large quantities of bronze for the Temple … Continue reading

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The ESV Study Bible is Here

The new ESV Study Bible is officially available today.  My pre-ordered Bible arrived yesterday afternoon.  I must say I’m impressed. There are plentiful maps, charts and illustrations that I believe will be useful to any Bible student or teacher. The study … Continue reading

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