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A Day in Galilee

We visited several biblical sites today, starting with a synagogue from the 1st century. This building was recently discovered by the Sea of Galilee in the biblical town of Magdala. (Likely the hometown of Mary the Magdalene.) Did Jesus teach in … Continue reading

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Short Video: From Jericho to Masada at the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is always an enjoyable place to visit. I make a point of going there during every trip to Israel. A warm float in the Dead Sea and the fresh, cool waterfalls of Ein Gedi wash away every … Continue reading

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Rising water levels in the Sea of Galilee… but not the Jordan River

A Jerusalem Post article reports that the Sea of Galilee, after years of receding water levels, has filled up this winter and is now less than two meters from full capacity. Heavier-than-usual winter rains are a factor, but so is … Continue reading

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Can the Dead Sea be brought back to life? Finally, a plan is emerging.

The Dead Sea is dying, but after decades of dropping water levels (over 80 feet in a few decades) plans are being drawn up to save it. The dying of the Dead Sea is a huge, under-reported, environmental disaster. It … Continue reading

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