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6 more 2,000 year-old seeds sprout to give “Methuselah” Date Palm a family

In 2008, Dr. Sarah Sallon successfully revived a 2,000 year-old seed from the extinct Judea Date Palm. This tree is named “Methuselah” and currently stands more than 11 feet tall. An Israeli research team has now germinated six more date … Continue reading

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The Latest Jesus-related Tomb

It’s happened again. The same individuals who brought us the highly problematic¬†Jesus Tomb a few years ago have returned with another tomb. This one has an inscription and a picture of (allegedly) Jonah’s fish. Jonah was sometimes used by early … Continue reading

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Video: The True Story of Jonah

If you’ve ever desired a dramatic rendering of the story of Jonah, then consider this young lady. Different voices (and accents) for characters, complemented with interpretive gesticulations. And all from memory! I see that she has related other Bible stories … Continue reading

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