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Recent Discoveries: another 1st-century synagogue in Magdala and an early Christian’s ring

A few years ago, we found a synagogue from Jesus’ time in the biblical town of Magdala, where Mary the Magdalene once lived. The excavated synagogue had its original mosaic floors and a clear central room with benches along the … Continue reading

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Lachish Field Report #2: Ancient Jewelry, a Scarab, and more

Today was a very good day at the Tel Lachish archaeological excavation. Our volunteers discovered gold jewelry from the Late Bronze Age plus an Egyptian scarab that may be inscribed with a Pharaoh’s name. Scarabs are usually small, oval, and … Continue reading

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Discoveries at Khirbet Qeiyafa: an Intact Shrine

During the 2010 excavation we uncovered what the archaeologists were calling a ‘cultic building’  near the southern Iron Age gate. ‘Cultic’ is the term archaeologists use for any religious or worship-related find. (There’s a standard joke that whenever excavators cannot … Continue reading

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