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Grinding stones to make your bread: Cooking in ancient times (short video)

Even simple things such as bread required serious work in ancient times. Most people grew or purchased barley, wheat, or other grains and used grinding stones to turn it into flour. This first step was the most strenuous, requiring real muscle … Continue reading

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Lachish Field Report #2: Ancient Jewelry, a Scarab, and more

Today was a very good day at the Tel Lachish archaeological excavation. Our volunteers discovered gold jewelry from the Late Bronze Age plus an Egyptian scarab that may be inscribed with a Pharaoh’s name. Scarabs are usually small, oval, and … Continue reading

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An ancient grinding stone perfectly designed for a woman’s hand

We finished our first week of the Tel Lachish excavation with some nice finds, including the perfectly-designed grinding stone shown in the video below. Women’s hands in the Late Bronze age (ca. 1400-1200 BC) were apparently the same size as … Continue reading

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