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Sunrise over the Sea of Galilee

Internet service was problematic for most of the trip and prohibited me from connecting to this blog. I am in the airport waiting my flight home, and finally have a reliable connection. I will post information from the trip once … Continue reading

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A Day of Biblical Sites – and Relaxing Along the Sea of Galilee

After a weekend at the Dead Sea, we began our final morning there with worship at 6:45am. We then began our trek north to Galilee and visited great sites along the way. We stopped at Qumran, the site linked to the … Continue reading

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Swimming in Galilee, You See a Lot (video)

The “Sea” of Galilee is more like a lake. You can see across to the other side even on hazy days. To Bible students, the Sea of Galilee is famous for the time Jesus spent there. He lived in Capernaum … Continue reading

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Mysterious stone structure discovered underneath Sea of Galilee

This one is no April Fool’s joke. A basalt-boulder structure, wider and taller than Stonehenge, sits under the water near the SW coast of the lake. The structure was discovered in 2003 during a sonar survey. The structure consists of … Continue reading

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Successful reenactment of Peter on the Sea of Galilee (Video)

Nestor Bermudez, one of the members of my group in Israel this summer, asked me to video him walking ankle-deep in the Sea of Galilee. Thus, his unwitting demonstration of Peter in Matthew 14:22-33 was preserved for years to come. See … Continue reading

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Day 1: Dan, Galilee and Mount Arbel

We had a long, physically arduous day visiting these sites and more. Everything went well in spite of sore feet from the broken, rocky terrain of Mt. Arbel (and from climbing the water shaft at Hazor – more on that … Continue reading

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