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Seal of Hezekiah discovered in Jerusalem (Updated)

The Israel Antiquities Authority just announced the discovery of a clay seal (bulla) bearing King Hezekiah’s personal seal. The object was discovered in situ in 2009 but just recently deciphered in its entirety. The iconography is interesting and is described below. … Continue reading

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Short Video on the Ophel Excavations in Jerusalem

Archaeologist Eilat Mazar has been digging around the City of David for several years. A short video has been posted showing results from the last few months on the southern edge of the Temple Mount, an area known as the … Continue reading

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Preview of New Evidence Mazar Found for the ‘Solomonic’ Wall

Barnea Selavan of Foundation Stone left a comment on my original post about Eilat Mazar’s recent announcment. Here it is in full. The upper parts of these walls were indeed visible. What is new is a) dated because of the … Continue reading

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Mazar Re-excavates Old Wall, Announces New Dating

More on that recent wall announcement in Jerusalem: Many news organizations have reported Mazar’s interpretation of the evidence without exercising caution. It might be 10th century and ‘Solomonic’ but these conclusions have not yet been published for review. If the … Continue reading

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New (Solomonic?) Wall Uncovered in Jerusalem

Eilat Mazar, who has directed excavations in the City of David for several years, has another find. Hebrew University archaeologists have revealed an ancient path in Jerusalem believed to date back to the time of King Solomon, along with structures … Continue reading

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