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Archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar passes away

We just learned today that Dr. Eilat Mazar passed away in Jerusalem. No details have been released except that she will be buried tomorrow. She became widely known in the archaeological world for her discovery of “David’s Palace” in Jerusalem, … Continue reading

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New BiblePlaces volume for 2 Samuel now available

The BiblePlaces photo collections continue to grow. The 2 Samuel volume is now available, and on sale. This set illustrates the entire book through 2,900+ photos and is pre-formatted in PowerPoint for teaching. Each photo slide is accompanied by researched, … Continue reading

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1st Temple Period seal belonging to woman found in Jerusalem.

Archaeologists announced the discovery of a woman’s seal dating to the period before Babylon’s destruction of the Kingdom of Judah. The find came from the long-running Giv’ati parking lot excavation in the City of David. The woman’s name on the seal is … Continue reading

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15-Year Excavation Completed at Jerusalem’s Gihon Spring (Video)

This short video shows the powerful Canaanite fortifications at Jerusalem prior to David’s time. Anyone who has visited the Gihon Spring in the past 15 years has seen the massive stones along with sandbags and other evidence of excavation. The … Continue reading

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Video: The Ramparts Walk atop the Walls of Jerusalem’s Old City

Most visitors to Jerusalem never take the opportunity to walk atop the walls of the Old City. For the equivalent of four or five dollars you can walk along the ramparts and enjoy unique views not available on the ground. … Continue reading

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Short Video on the Ophel Excavations in Jerusalem

Archaeologist Eilat Mazar has been digging around the City of David for several years. A short video has been posted showing results from the last few months on the southern edge of the Temple Mount, an area known as the … Continue reading

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Solomon’s Coronation was a Political Thriller

Yesterday we visited Ir David in the ancient City of David. This area includes a number of excavated structures plus a walk through Hezekiah’s Tunnel and a visit to the Pool of Siloam. Solomon’s coronation is one of many biblical … Continue reading

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New Discovery: Earliest archaeological evidence of Bethlehem during First Temple Period

Excavations in Jerusalem have produced a bulla inscribed with the name of Bethlehem from the biblical Divided Kingdom period. A bulla is a piece of clay that was used for sealing a document or object. The bulla was impressed with the seal of the person who sent … Continue reading

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CNN reports from Khirbet Qeiyafa

CNN has aired a short feature on Khirbet Qeiyafa titled, “Finding the City of David.” Whoops… the City of David is actually in Jerusalem! The video claims, “Archaeologists in Jerusalem believe they have found the remains of the legendary City of David.” … Continue reading

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Preview of New Evidence Mazar Found for the ‘Solomonic’ Wall

Barnea Selavan of Foundation Stone left a comment on my original post about Eilat Mazar’s recent announcment. Here it is in full. The upper parts of these walls were indeed visible. What is new is a) dated because of the … Continue reading

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