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Discovery of First Known Sentence in Canaanite Language at Lachish

A small ivory comb unearthed at biblical Lachish in 2017 turns out to have produced the first known sentence from the ancient Canaanites in their language. Archaeologists Yossi Garfinkel, Michael Hasel, and Martin Klingbeil announced the discovery this morning. The … Continue reading

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Still Feeling the Burn: Excavating an Ancient Destruction Layer

My previous post featured an interesting discovery in my dig square at Lachish: a circular feature surrounded by ash, located several feet below the modern ground level. The new video below shows our progress in excavating the circular structure and … Continue reading

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New Dig at Khirbet Arai may reveal Philistines, Kingdom of Judah

A new excavation in the Judean foothills may reveal details about the arrival of the Philistines, the decline of the Canaanites, and the development of the Kingdom of Judah. The site is called Khirbet Arai and is located near Tel Lachish, … Continue reading

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New Canaanite Idols Discovered

A 7 year-old boy in Israel recently made the news by discovering a 3,400 year-old idol of a Canaanite goddess in a field. These accidental finds happen in a land with so much history and so little space. A photo of … Continue reading

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Now I Know My ABC’s: New Lachish Discovery Illuminates Alphabet’s History

An inscription discovered at Tel Lachish in 2014 gives a rare glimpse into the history of the alphabet. It happens to have been found in a square worked by my nephew. This discovery reveals new stages in the development of … Continue reading

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Walk through the Israel Museum without going to Jerusalem

Another great museum has partnered with Google to let you visit without leaving home. You can now “walk” through the Israel Museum in Jerusalem using Google Street View to observe displays as if you are there in person. The museum is known for its large … Continue reading

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15-Year Excavation Completed at Jerusalem’s Gihon Spring (Video)

This short video shows the powerful Canaanite fortifications at Jerusalem prior to David’s time. Anyone who has visited the Gihon Spring in the past 15 years has seen the massive stones along with sandbags and other evidence of excavation. The … Continue reading

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