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New Discovery: Earliest archaeological evidence of Bethlehem during First Temple Period

Excavations in Jerusalem have produced a bulla inscribed with the name of Bethlehem from the biblical Divided Kingdom period. A bulla is a piece of clay that was used for sealing a document or object. The bulla was impressed with the seal of the person who sent … Continue reading

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Found: Hebrew Inscriptions From 1st Temple Period

    A couple of new finds date to the period of the First Israelite Temple (aka – Solomon’s Temple) in Jerusalem.  A bone seal engraved with the Hebrew name Shaul (Saul), along with a representation of a flower or … Continue reading

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New Seal Discovery in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Post reports that that excavations in Jerusalem have found another clay bulla inscribed with a Bible name.  A seal impression belonging to a minister of the Biblical King Zedekiah which dates back 2,600 years has been uncovered completely intact during … Continue reading

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