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Isaiah’s Personal Seal Found?

Archaeologists may have found Isaah’s “autograph” during excavations in Jerusalem. This clay impression (bulla) was uncovered a few years ago along with others, including one belonging to King Hezekiah.  It was finally announced this morning in a press release. Dr. … Continue reading

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Last minute finds – Wow.

They say the best finds always come at the end of a dig. We found some very interesting things quite literally at the last minute. I can’t show photos since these objects haven’t been published. (My own computer is still … Continue reading

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You Can Join a Dig in 2011

A few people have asked me, “How did you become involved with an archaeological dig in Israel?” My answer: “Quite unexpectedly.” I taught a church class on “Archaeology and the Bible” during the summer of 2008 and used this blog … Continue reading

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The Economic Slump Hits Biblical Archaeology

Professors of Biblical archaeology standing in bread lines? Well, no—at least not yet. The downturn in the economy, however, has hit the fields of Biblical archaeology and ancient Near Eastern studies particularly hard. Where does the money for archaeological excavation … Continue reading

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A Radio Interview from Israel

I had the privilege of giving a phone interview today for the weekly Judean Eve radio program in Israel. Barnea Selavan and David Willner of Foundation Stone were guest hosts on this week’s show, discussing archaeologically-related subjects. I was interviewed … Continue reading

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BAR does FB

For all of you who share a love for both Archaeology and Facebook, Biblical Archaeology Review has a new FB page. It contains links to articles and features you may enjoy. Find it here and become a fan.

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When Ancient Records and Archaeology Seem to Conflict

Many Christians must feel some level of concern when archaeologists state that large sections of the Bible are clearly fictitious. A frequent target of these attacks is the United Israelite Monarchy of David and Solomon. The reasons usually boil down … Continue reading

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