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New Video on Lachish Excavation

If you are interested in Archaeology and the Bible, and especially if you’re curious what it’s like to join a dig, a new video is available for your enjoyment. The video covers recent work at biblical Lachish and was created … Continue reading

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Plans to Reclaim Ancient Babylon

The improved security situation in Iraq is permitting its government to focus some attention on the ruins of ancient Babylon. The most immediate threat to preserving the ruins of Babylon, the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the … Continue reading

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Roundup of Interesting News Items

** “St. Nicholas”, the 4th century bishop whose memory was converted into the modern Santa Clause, has undergone facial reconstruction. His relics, including his skull, reside in Bari, Italy. Researchers have digitally reconstructed his face (beard included) using the usual … Continue reading

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