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Archaeology Updates from ASOR

My wife and I are back with our kids after hearing some great things at the ASOR annual meeting in San Antonio. Here are some highlights from our experience. Jerusalem’s Gihon Spring: The massive 18th century BC tower over the Gihon Spring … Continue reading

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What is a Typical Day Like on an Excavation? (or, A Day in the Life… Again??)

Rebekah Dutton has a new post titled “Archaeology Dig – A Day in the Life” describing a typical dig day at Ashkelon. It may be fun to compare it with this post of mine from July, 2009, describing a typical … Continue reading

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A Day with the Duttons (or, How Much Can Gentiles Pack Into a Sabbath?)

Last weekend I had the privilege to be with Trent and Rebekah Dutton. The Duttons are a great couple with an interesting story. Both are computer programmers with experience in military applications. Their interest in biblical geography and archaeology grew as they … Continue reading

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Discoveries at Khirbet Qeiyafa: an Intact Shrine

During the 2010 excavation we uncovered what the archaeologists were calling a ‘cultic building’  near the southern Iron Age gate. ‘Cultic’ is the term archaeologists use for any religious or worship-related find. (There’s a standard joke that whenever excavators cannot … Continue reading

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Typical Days on a Dig in Israel

If you ponder joining an excavation in Israel someday, this is a post for you! The blog for the Ashkelon dig has a recent entry titled, A Day in the Life of an Archaeologist. You can compare it with my … Continue reading

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