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Masada Dig Yields New Discoveries from Jewish War

Preliminary results from the new excavations at Masada have been released, with “tremendous amounts” of new finds illuminating the famous Roman siege. Here are some excerpts: “We’re actually excavating a refugee camp,” said Guy Stiebel, the archaeologist leading excavations carried … Continue reading

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July 4th at Lachish

Originally posted on Ferrell's Travel Blog:
In the previous post I mentioned that several former students and friends are participating in the dig at Tel Lachish this year. Six years ago on this day I wrote about Lachish on…

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More Qeiyafa/Israel updates coming soon

The final week of the dig is going very well, but the internet service at our hostel doesn’t seem to like the administrative pages for my blog. I can’t post any photos or apply any tags to posts right now. … Continue reading

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Updates coming soon! (Hopefully)

My group and I have finished 3 days of digging at the site. We’ve made good progress in the excavation and already have nice things ready to report. Unfortunately, the internet connection at our hostel is having some issues. It … Continue reading

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2011 in review

What a year with many great discoveries! I’ve been blessed with more readers than expected even though I can’t devote as much time to this blog as I would like. When my graduate work wraps up I’ll hopefully have more time … Continue reading

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Can you identify the location of this photo?

My new header is a photo I took in Israel last summer. The water probably gives away my location to people who know the country. I remember the moment when I took this picture. Our group was enjoying a weekend … Continue reading

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You Can Join a Dig in 2011

A few people have asked me, “How did you become involved with an archaeological dig in Israel?” My answer: “Quite unexpectedly.” I taught a church class on “Archaeology and the Bible” during the summer of 2008 and used this blog … Continue reading

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Cleanup Effort for the Kishon River (Where Baal prophets met their demise)

A news item from Israel National News: The Kishon River, considered the most polluted river in Israel, will soon be the object of a major cleaning and purification project…  The Kishon River’s pollution stems in part from daily contamination for over 40 … Continue reading

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Off to excavate in Israel…

I am flying out tomorrow to join the excavation at the Elah Fortress (aka Khirbet Qeiyafa) in Israel. This blog has followed the Elah Fortress dig since last year. I’ll post a synopsis on the Elah Fortress and its importance … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Hoax Fools World Newspapers

Some educators have lamented the impact of ‘Internet Culture’ among many students. Why learn something when you can simply look it up later? An Irish student named Shane Fitzgerald decided to illustrate the vulnerability of this approach to learning. “When I … Continue reading

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