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Biblical Artifacts in the Israel Museum

We are free this weekend and enjoyed 3 hours this morning in one of the world’s great museums for biblical artifacts. The Israel Museum in Jerusalem is the repository for many discoveries we see in Bible dictionaries, commentaries, and other … Continue reading

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Explorations in Antiquity Center near Atlanta planning major expansion

The Explorations in Antiquity Center in LaGrange, Georgia, has announced plans for a major expansion onto adjacent land. Dr. Jim Fleming, a scholar who has lived and worked in the Bible Lands, founded this museum to “help people experience the ancient biblical … Continue reading

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Lectures on the Philistines in Kansas City and Chicago

Those in the Kansas City and/or Chicago area have a special opportunity next week to hear lectures by Dr. Aren Maeir, the archaeologist who has excavated ancient Gath since the mid-1990’s. Bible students will recall Gath as one of the … Continue reading

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Dead Sea Scrolls coming to Cincinnati

An exhibition of select Dead Sea Scrolls opens this Friday, November 16th, at the Cincinnati Museum Center (near my old stomping grounds of Mason, Ohio). The Dead Sea Scrolls include the oldest surviving manuscripts of Bible books. Around 600 biblically-related … Continue reading

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The Qeiyafa Inscription at the Israel Museum – Photos now Allowed!

We recently visited the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and saw many of the Bible-related archaeological treasures displayed there. Bible students would probably recognize objects from Bible dictionaries, class materials, PowerPoint lessons, textbooks, and other sources. It’s one thing to see … Continue reading

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Fresh Evidence for an early Exodus? (15th century date)

An old inscription receives a fresh look that may reveal evidence for the date of the Israelite Exodus. The biblical text indicates the Israelite exodus from Egypt took place in the fifteenth century (mid-1400’s) B.C., but some scholars argue for … Continue reading

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A Visit to the Semitic Museum at Harvard

In April, I took the teens from the church where I work to Boston over their Spring Break. One of our stops was the Semitic Museum at Harvard University. Our visit was an enjoyable step into biblical times. First thing … Continue reading

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Exhibition Tour: Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology

A new, official “Indiana Jones” exhibition could be coming to your neighborhood. Here’s a teaser from the official web site: Enter the world of Indiana Jones and experience the adventure of field archaeology at this unique new exhibition. Hidden clues, … Continue reading

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Khirbet Qeiyafa on the Telly at the BBC

The excavation at Khirbet Qeiaya is on television again, this time in the UK. It is included in a three-part BBC series ‘The Bible’s Buried Secrets’. It is based on research and teaching of lead interviewer Dr. Francesca Stavrakopoulou from Exeter … Continue reading

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