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Discovery of First Known Sentence in Canaanite Language at Lachish

A small ivory comb unearthed at biblical Lachish in 2017 turns out to have produced the first known sentence from the ancient Canaanites in their language. Archaeologists Yossi Garfinkel, Michael Hasel, and Martin Klingbeil announced the discovery this morning. The … Continue reading

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First Temple “Jerusalem” Papyrus Revealed to Public

We have more news about the papyrus discovery I mentioned earlier. The Israel Antiquities Authority has revealed what they describe as “the earliest extra-biblical source to mention Jerusalem in Hebrew writing.” C14 tests and paleographic analysis date the papyrus to … Continue reading

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Now I Know My ABC’s: New Lachish Discovery Illuminates Alphabet’s History

An inscription discovered at Tel Lachish in 2014 gives a rare glimpse into the history of the alphabet. It happens to have been found in a square worked by my nephew. This discovery reveals new stages in the development of … Continue reading

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Do finds from Khirbet Qeiyafa improve Bible translation?

If you read 1 Kings 6:31-33 in the Bible, you may see a margin note that the meaning of some Hebrew words is uncertain. Similar margin notes may also appear in Ezekiel chapter 41. Read 1 Kings 7:1-6 in different Bible versions such … Continue reading

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Latin: The Secret Code of Western Civilization

David Meadows’ Explorator for this week (11.46) links an article by a High School teacher on the modern relevance of Latin. “Just a few Latin roots give you the ability to decode hundreds and hundreds of complicated words, whether on … Continue reading

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