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First Temple “Jerusalem” Papyrus Revealed to Public

We have more news about the papyrus discovery I mentioned earlier. The Israel Antiquities Authority has revealed what they describe as “the earliest extra-biblical source to mention Jerusalem in Hebrew writing.” C14 tests and paleographic analysis date the papyrus to … Continue reading

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Now I Know My ABC’s: New Lachish Discovery Illuminates Alphabet’s History

An inscription discovered at Tel Lachish in 2014 gives a rare glimpse into the history of the alphabet. It happens to have been found in a square worked by my nephew. This discovery reveals new stages in the development of … Continue reading

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Do finds from Khirbet Qeiyafa improve Bible translation?

If you read 1 Kings 6:31-33 in the Bible, you may see a margin note that the meaning of some Hebrew words is uncertain. Similar margin notes may also appear in Ezekiel chapter 41. Read 1 Kings 7:1-6 in different Bible versions such … Continue reading

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Latin: The Secret Code of Western Civilization

David Meadows’ Explorator for this week (11.46) links an article by a High School teacher on the modern relevance of Latin. “Just a few Latin roots give you the ability to decode hundreds and hundreds of complicated words, whether on … Continue reading

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