CNN reports from Khirbet Qeiyafa

CNN has aired a short feature on Khirbet Qeiyafa titled, “Finding the City of David.” Whoops… the City of David is actually in Jerusalem!

The video claims, “Archaeologists in Jerusalem believe they have found the remains of the legendary City of David.” (Emphasis mine)  Okay… there’s no “legend” with this either. This is not some mystical, long-lost city with a Well of Souls. And again, the City of David is a known section of Jerusalem. Qeiyafa is miles away! Can’t an investigative report at least get basic facts straight?

I have no idea why the feature introduces with some bit about the history of Cairo, Egypt, as “a center for religious devotion of many faiths.” I believe Jerusalem would be the clear choice to fit that bill, especially in a story discussing King David. Besides, I think Jerusalem is a *little* more religiously diverse than modern Cairo.

I see a few people I recognize in the video,. My group and I are joining this year’s Qeiyafa dig late Sunday morning.

I’m not a fan of the CNN report. Neither is Todd Bolen. At least it mentions a couple of reasons to link Kh. Qeiyafa with Judah & the Israelites. (Distinctive architectural design, the lack of pig bones)

Qeiyafa is a great site that generates plenty of debate over the nature of Israel in David’s time. There’s no need to try and popularize the clip with fluff. The site has sufficient information to keep thing interesting,

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Luke holds an M.A. in Ancient and Classical History and has been an adjunct professor at Florida College in Temple Terrace, Florida. Luke and his wife Melanie have five children. He serves as a minister with the North Terrace Church of Christ and has participated in multiple archaeological excavations in Israel. Luke leads informative, meaningful tours to Europe and the Bible Lands.
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1 Response to CNN reports from Khirbet Qeiyafa

  1. G.M. Grena says:

    Since the video was preceded by a commercial about women obtaining their potential, & the only women shown were veiled Muslims, my first thought was that you had linked to an Al Jazeera site instead of CNN! Probably the reason why the video begins with the statement about Egypt is that CNN’s politically liberal editors are on drugs. Inventing history (a.k.a. “reporting news”) is their modus operandi. I’m just guessing!

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