Sevilla Update, with Pics

We continue to meet every night with the church in the city of Dos Hermanas, a suburb of Sevilla. The weekly meetings are one hour long, so my father and I alternate the preaching. I will be speaking tonight (Thursday), but both of us will speak Friday evening since the weekend permits a longer service.

The López family - Cheri, Sara (11), Miguel and Marta (14)

The López family - Cheri, Sara (11), Miguel and Marta (14)


My father Royce began with a series of three lessons on “Why did Jesus have to die?”  Last night he presented, per request, a history of the Lord’s work in Colombia, South America. They asked for this lesson because they find this story of faith to be very encouraging, especially in the face of the secularism that dominates so much of Europe.

My lessons have included Bible Principles to Make Righteous Judgments, The Complete Definition of Evangelistic Work, and various lessons on Biblical Archaeology. My hope is that these subjects lend encouragement to brethren who frequently tell me how difficult it is to be a Christian here.

(back) Jorge Louis and Maribel, (front) Daniel and Jorge, Jr.

(back) Jorge Louis and Maribel, (front) Daniel and Jorge, Jr.

We have been able to spend a lot of time with people here. The number of young people is particularly encouraging. May they grow up free of the humanistic and Post-modern attitudes that shape so much of current Western culture.

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Luke holds an M.A. in Ancient and Classical History and has been an adjunct professor at Florida College in Temple Terrace, Florida. Luke and his wife Melanie have five children. He serves as a minister with the North Terrace Church of Christ and has participated in multiple archaeological excavations in Israel. Luke leads informative, meaningful tours to Europe and the Bible Lands.
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2 Responses to Sevilla Update, with Pics

  1. Jared Saltz says:

    Sorry i missed your call the other night, I was in a night class (I’ve one on Monday night from 7-10pm and one on Tuesday night from 6-9pm). Looking forward to seeing both you and the family soon.

  2. Jennifer Hallberg says:

    Enjoying reading your posts. I’m so glad to hear that the 3 of you have been able to provide encouragement to the brethren in Spain. I’m wondering – will there be an Encuentro de Espana anytime soon???? Hmmm – something to consider…

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