Sunday report from Sevilla, Spain

We spoke for two churches in/around Sevilla today, for a total of 4 hours’ assembly. I was with both congregations two years ago, and it was good to renew friendships. Unfortunately, none of the churches in Spain has a full-time evangelist with which to work.  The men in each congregation divide the responsibilities as they are able. They hope this situation may be able to change.

The congregation in Sevilla, Spain

The congregation in Sevilla, Spain

The church in Dos Hermanas, Spain

The church in Dos Hermanas, Spain

The brethren plan for us to meet with them every night this week through Friday night, which is perfectly fine. When we complete our visit here, we will have met with churches for 14 days straight.

We spent part of today in the home of this family, with whom I was also fortunate to spend time with two years ago.

(l to r) Javi (15 yrs old), Javier, Sara and Ruben (12 yrs old)

(l to r) Javi (15 yrs old), Javier, Sara and Ruben (12 yrs old)


We will spend a good part of tomorrow with another one of the families in Dos Hermanas. A highlight of any evangelistic trip is the personal time spent with other Christians. I believe these occasions offer the greatest potential for encouraging each other.

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  1. Gardner says:

    Please give our greetings to these brethren, We’ve had some here with us in NYC.

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