Items and Bits

To catch up a bit:

  • Some scientists believe Earth exists in a unique ‘bubble’ of space-time.  This cannot be observed, but they believe it is the best explanation for certain phenomena that otherwise lack explanation.  It is interesting that scientists can consider a hypothesis when the Scientific Method is unavailable, and when it violates the so-called Copernican test (any theory suggesting our planet is unique in the universe must be presumed unlikely), as long as the hypothesis does not raise the question of an Intelligent Designer.  Some portions of science are really based on philosophy and faith rather than… well, science.
  • Todd Bolen reports on the Jehoash Inscription.  This artifact is not new, but is disputed as to its authenticity because it was not discovered in a proper archaeological excavation.  A group of geologists believe the inscription to be ancient, and therefore genuine.
  • My aforementioned computer problems are sorted out.  I’m now a Mac user, running MS Office with the Parallels software.  It’s the best of both worlds – the benefits of Mac with the robustness of my favorite software, PowerPoint (PC version).
  • The University of Arkansas has refined technology that will digitally render decades-old satellite photos into 3-D images, permitting archaeologists to identify sites and features in ancient lands before some of the encroachments of modern civilization.  Story here.

About LukeChandler

Luke holds an M.A. in Ancient and Classical History and has been an adjunct professor at Florida College in Temple Terrace, Florida. Luke and his wife Melanie have five children. He serves as a minister with the North Terrace Church of Christ and has participated in multiple archaeological excavations in Israel. Luke leads popular study tours to Europe and the Bible Lands.
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3 Responses to Items and Bits

  1. Jared Saltz says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t comment on our Archaeology articles. 🙂

  2. lukechandler says:

    That’s because I’m creating a 12-15 page ‘comment’ which is due in two weeks!

  3. Jared Saltz says:

    I guess that is true! Man… I need to figure out when mine’s due… I did, however, post a 3-paragraph version about the concepts involved on my blog. I just couldn’t resist.

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