Food Watch: Make fresh Halvah for your kids! (And for yourself)

One of my favorite things about travel is the chance to taste new things. Here’s a favorite dessert that’s natural, healthy, and easy to make. You only need two ingredients. If you have kids/grandkids, they will love you. Your spouse will love you. You may even love yourself. Watch this video and give it a try…

I’ve found halvah for sale in some U.S. grocery stores, usually in an ethnic food aisle. (I’ve also seen Tahini there.) Sometimes halvah is sold as a munchable finger food (kind of like fudge) rather than a spread. Either way, it’s yummy stuff. I plan to make it for my kids when I get home.

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I live in Temple Terrace, Florida, with my lovely wife Melanie and our four children. I am a minister with the North Terrace Church of Christ in Temple Terrace, Florida, and hold an M.A. in Ancient and Classical History. I'm active in English and Spanish language gospel work and in archaeological excavations in Israel. You can join one of my tours to Europe or the Bible Lands. Learn more at my tour website:
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One Response to Food Watch: Make fresh Halvah for your kids! (And for yourself)

  1. sandygram5 says:

    The halva we had was more like fudge cut into squares…was so very good. Cannot wait to try this version, thank you.

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